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Imaging the disk of a young massive star
Thursday 15 July 2010

JPEG - 18.1 kb
The disk around IRAS 13481-6124
Image of the matter that is present around the young massive star IRAS 13481-6124 (left) obtained with AMBER on the VLTI. This matter is located in a disk around the central star (right).

A team of astronomers led by S. Kraus has just published a Nature paper on a massive YSO imaged with the AMBER instrument and a combination of other techniques. In addition to be the first mas-scale image of a massive young star in the near-infrared, this paper contributes to answer the question whether massive star formation is similar or not to less massive counterparts.

For more information:
- the ESO press release: "Unravelling the Mystery of Massive Star Birth"
- the Max-Planck Gesellschaft (MPG) press release: "Blick in die Wiege eines Sterns" (in German)
- the CNRS/INSU press release: "Des étoiles massives naissent aussi d’un disque d’accrétion !" (in French)

Source: The manuscript (and the supplementary information) can be accessed on the Nature website: "A hot compact dust disk around a massive young stellar object", by S. Kraus et al. Nature 15/07/2010.

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