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AMBER is now available for observing in the P76 ESO call for proposal
Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Fabien Malbet

Call for proposal (October 2005-March 2006)

ESO has released the call for proposals for the instruments in period 76 (October 2005 to March 2006). It includes the AMBER VLTI instrument.

The AMBER 3-telescopes beam combiner is presently offered with three Unit Telescopes and two spectral resolutions. The low resolution (R=35) allows to observe simultaneously the H and K bands (LR-HK). The medium resolution (R=1500) is offered for the K band only (MR-K), with a spectral range of 0.03 micron selectable anywhere in the K band. The limiting magnitudes for unresolved stars are mK=7 for LR-HK mode, and mK=4 for MR-K.

The complete call can be downloaded at: (Information on how to submit observation proposals is available from this page).

All information for this call for proposals is available at:
and more general and specific information at:

The deadline for this CfP is 1 April at 12:00 (noon) CET.

Preparation tools from JMMC

The JMMC is offering the observation preparation tool ASPRO. For questions about this software, please contact the JMMC User Support.

Note: ESO observing time is open to non member state proposers. In the Call for proposal, it is explained that a Non member State Proposal is a proposal where at least 2/3 of the proposers are not a liated to ESO member state institutes independently of the nationality of the proposers and of the affiliation of the PI. Non-member state proposals are submitted in the usual way, but [...] the following additional criteria will be taken into account:

  • The required telescope/instrumentation is not available at any other observatory accessible to the applicants.
  • If an ESO member state proposal and a non member state proposal are rated equally, preference will be given to the ESO member state proposal.

AMBER in its Medium Resolution (R=1500) mode has no other counter part for the moment and therefore could interest observers from other countries.

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