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AMBER screenshots
Monday 11 July 2005, by Fabien Malbet

Screen captures taken during Paranalization work in July 2005.

JPEG - 144.5 kb
Control panel and real-time display
The control panel of AMBER is displayed wiith all information including real-time information about the visibility and the piston. The sequence has been taken when scanning the delay lines. The data is taken with 2 auxiliary teslescopes
JPEG - 49.4 kb
Fringe search window
One can see that the scan of the delay lines and simultaneously the fringe SNR increasing when the delay lines goes through the fringes
JPEG - 419.6 kb
Picture of the AMBER console
On this photo, one sees the different windows in the search fringes procedure. On top is the FringeSearch window (see left figure) and at the bottom is the AMBER status window.

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