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AMBER Scientific Workshop
Monday 12 February 2007, by Fabien Malbet

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Grenoble, 7-8 Mar 2007

AMBER/VLTI has now been offered since October 2005 to the ESO community. We would like to gather all astronomers who have obtained AMBER data so that they can publicize their results and share their common experience on the instrument. This will also be the opportunity to have some information on the current status of the instrument and the VLTI. This is why the AMBER Science organizes a Scientific Workshop which will last 1.5 day at LAOG in Grenoble. We invite you to take part to this workshop.

All scientific contributions are welcome (oral talks or posters). Please send an email to F. Malbet before Friday 2 March 2007.

On behalf of the AMBER science group, Fabien Malbet, AMBER Project Scientist.

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