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Fringes alignment complete (16 March 2004)
Thursday 18 March 2004, by Fabien Malbet, Pierre Kern

- The spatial filters in J, H and K bands are now aligned. Fringes are observed in these three bands as illustrated in the picture taken at low spectral resolution (top: J, middle: H, bottom: K). The curvature of the fringes is due to the chromatic dispersion of the optical fibers. The fringe contrast is upper to 80 percent on all bands. Now the first tests on instrumental stability are going to be conducted in the next days.

- Aligning AMBER with the VLTI has begun and the first testing observation took place on wednesday, 17th night. However some doubts on the co-alignement between AMBER and the VLTI has arised. The nights of 18, 19 March are dedicated to check the alignement of the VLTI and acquired stars with the ARAL technical CCD.

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