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AMB-DRWS04 Data Reduction Workshop Final Announcement
Friday 5 November 2004, by Fabien Malbet


8, 9, 10 November 2004

The AMBER consortium organizes a workshop on data reduction with AMBER for the members of the consortium on 8-10 November 2004. This workshop is primarily intented for the members of the AMBER consortium.

The number of attendants is limited to 40 so far. The selection will be made in order to have a fair repartition over the 5 AMBER institutes and some places will be allocated to external persons.

To help the organization, we request that each participant attends the workshop with a laptop with a version of Linux installed on it (some tests are performed so that the AMBER software can be installed also on Mac OS X).

Science organization committee

The AMBER science group: Th. Driebe (MPIfR), R. Foy (CRAL), D. Fraix-Burnet (LAOG), F. Malbet (LAOG), A. Marconi (OAA), Ph. Mathias (OCA), J.-L. Monin (LAOG), R. Petrov (LUAN), Ph. Stee (OCA), L. Testi (OAA), G. Weigelt (MPIfR).

Local organization committee

F. Malbet, G. Duvert, F. Millour, G. Zins, L. Gluck, E. Tatulli, K. Perraut, F. Boucard (secretary)

Final Program

The program includes lectures and tutorials which will be held in the Forestini conference room and practical working sessions which will take place in 3 different rooms (Vercors, Belledonne-Chartreuse, 066) with personal laptops. The participants will be invited one of the three working groups coordinated by AMBER specialists. A preliminary group list is now available.


In order to save time and also to facilitate communication among the participants, a lunch buffet will be offered by the AMBER consortium during the duration of the workshop.

Social event

We will attempt to organize a workshop banquet on Tuesday night depending on the availability of the participants.


The attendants are requested to make their own hotel reservation using the hotel list.

The hotels Europole, De l’Europe, Ibis and Touring are recommended because of the access to the tram.

List of participants (works only if already registered)


If you want to register to this workshop, please fill in your email address:

The registration process goes through the subscription to the electronic list. You will therefore receive an email with a password to confirm your identity and prevent anyone from subscribing you to this list against your will. After validating the request, an email will be sent automatically to the organizers and soon you will receive a confirmation that you are registered to the workshop. You will then be able to check that you are registered in the participant list.

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