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First laboratory fringes on AMBER at Paranal (10 March 2004)
Thursday 11 March 2004, by Pierre Kern

Since its unmount from Grenoble Observatory (France), AMBER has been brought to Paranal (Chile) and completely remounted by people coming from Bonn, Arcetri, Nice and Grenoble . For 1 week, the LAOG optical team composed of Pierre Kern, Alain Delboulbé and Etienne LeCoarer with support of ESO people completed the alignment of all the 60 mirrors composing the experiment and obtained the first interferometric fringes for the H band in the Paranal Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) laboratory. Now the next steps are to obtain fringes for all band (J, H and K), complete various internal tuning, align AMBER with the VLTI and then to begin the first observations on the sky.

You can see pictures of theses fringes below:

First 3T fringes in the Paranal Lab on AMBER high resolution The first fringes of AMBER at Paranal site
Instrumental contrast high resolution The instrumental contrast around 87% on two baselines and around 72% on the third
A control panel showing the contrast stability high resolution A software control panel showing that the fringes contrast stability is around some percents.

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