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Members of the AMBER team
Saturday 20 March 2004, by Fabien Malbet

All the persons that have been or are still participating to the AMBER project are listed here.

This project started in 1997 and lasted more than 6 years, and therefore some of them are no longer working in the project although they have contributed to it. We have listed them as former members of the project.

In case of error or omission, do not hesitate to contact us...


PetrovRomainLUANPrincipal Investigator (PI)
Lisi Franco OAA Co-investigator
Malbet Fabien LAOG Co-investigator
Mourard Denis OCA Co-investigator
Weigelt Gerd MPIfR Co-investigator


PetrovRomainLUANPrincipal Investigator (PI)
Malbet Fabien LAOG Project Scientist (PS)
Antonelli Pierre OCA Project Manager (PM)
Kern Pierre LAOG Deputy Project Manager (DPM)
Lagarde Stéphane OCA System Manager
Le Contel Danielle OCA Documentation

Former member:

Puget Pascal LAOG Project Manager now at CFHT

Science group

MalbetFabienLAOG (Chair)
Driebe Thomas MPIfR
Fraix-Burnet Didier LAOG
Foy Renaud CRAL
Marconi Alessandro OAA
Mathias Philippe OCA
Monin Jean-Louis LAOG
Stee Philippe OCA
Testi Leonardo OAA
Petrov Romain LUAN
Weigelt Gerd MPIfR

Former members:

Richichi Andrea OAA (Chair) now at ESO
Blöcker Thomas MPIfR
Lopez Bruno OCA
van der Lühe Oskar KIS Freiburg

Warm optics, electronics (OCA/LUAN)

RobbeSylvieLUANCoordinator, Optics
Antonelli Pierre OCA Coordinator, Electronics
Bresson Yves OCA Optics
Roussel Alain OCA Mechanics

Former members:

Agabi Karim LUAN Electronics
Bonhomme Serge OCA Mechanics
Glentzlin André OCA Mechanics
Kamm Daniel OCA Electronics
Martinot-Lagarde Grégoire INSU Optics
Rabbia Yves OCA Optics
Rebattu Sylvestre OCA Mechanics
Tasso Daniel OCA Mechanics

Cold spectrograph (OAA)

Accardo Matteo OAA Mechanics, cryogenics
Busoni Simone OAA Integration, cabling
Ferruzzi Debora OAA Optical design
Gennari Sandro OAA Optics, cryogenics
Giani Elisabetta OAA Control software
Stefanini Paolo OAA Mechanics, cryogenics
Salinari Piero OAA Consultant

Former member:

Baffa Carlo OAA Electronics, control software

Infrared camera, detector software (MPIfR)

Behrend Jan MPIfR Electronics
Connot Claus MPIfR Electronics
Driebe Thomas MPIfR Software
Heiden Manfred MPIfR Electronics
Heininger Matthias MPIfR Software
Nussbaum Edmund MPIfR Electronics
Ohnaka Keiichi MPIfR Software
Schertl Dieter MPIfR Software
Solscheid Walter MPIfR Mechanics

Instrument Software (LAOG, OCA)

Le CoarerÉtienneLAOGCoordinator
Clausse Jean-Michel OCA instrument control
Dugué Michel OCA instrument control
Duvert Gilles LAOG Data format
Glück Laurence LAOG software
Zins Gérard LAOG software

Former members:

Mars Gilbert OCA Instrument control
Mouillet David LAOG Observing software now at TBL/OMP
Sacchettini Michel LAOG Observing software now at LGGE

Data reduction software (LAOG)

Altariba Evelyne LAOG C library
Chelli Alain LAOG Algorithms
Domiciano de Souza Armando MPIfR,LUAN data processing
Hernandez Oscar LAOG Algorithms
Malbet Fabien LAOG tests, ammyorick
Millour Florentin LAOG,LUAN C library, ammyorick
Tatulli Éric LAOG Algorithms, ammyorick
Zins Gérard LAOG C library

Former members:

Acke Bram LAOG C libray now at KU Leuven

Instrument integration (LAOG)

Arezki Brahim LAOG integration
Delboulbé Alain LAOG Optics, Mechanics
Feautrier Philippe LAOG Cryogenics, detector
Glück Laurence LAOG software
Kern Pierre LAOG Optics
Le Coarer Étienne LAOG software, electronics
Magnard Yves LAOG Mechanics
Ventura Noël LAOG cabling
Zins Gérard LAOG software

Former member:

Gallardo Agustin LAOG detector now in Mexico
Gil Carla LAOG integration now at ESO


Duvert Gilles LAOG Data reduction
Glück Laurence LAOG software
Le Coarer Étienne LAOG software, electronics
Millour Florentin LAOG,LUAN Data reduction
Tatulli Éric LAOG Data reduction
Weigelt Gerd MPIfR Data reduction
Zins Gérard LAOG software

Interferometry group

This group was set up at the beginning of the project to define the choices in terms of system.

MalbetFabienLAOG (Chair)
Cassaing Frédéric ONERA
Forveille Thierry LAOG
Hofmann Karl-Heinz MPIfR
Mourard Denis OCA
Petrov Romain LUAN
Reynaud François IRCOM
Tallon-Bosc Isabelle CRAL
Tallon Michel CRAL


Aristidi Eric LUAN
Mège Pierre LAOG
Vannier Martin LUAN
Perraut Karine LAOG

Institute directors and officials

Colin Jacques OCA 2000-
Exertier Pierre OCA-Gemini 2004-
Lagrange Anne-Marie CNRS-INSU 1998-
Montmerle Thierry LAOG 2003-
Salinari Piero OAA 1998-
Salvati Marco OAA 2000-
Vakili Farrokh LUAN 2003-
Weigelt Gerd MPIfR 1998-


Casoli Fabienne INSU-CNRS 2002-2004
Debouzy Geneviève INSU-CNRS 1998-2002
Fossat Eric LUAN (ex-UNSA) 1998-2002
Lecontel Jean-Michel OCA-Fresnel 1998-1999
Pacheco José OCA 1998-1999
Pacini Franco OAA 1998-1999
Perrier Christian LAOG 1998-2002
Valtier Jean-Claude OCA-Fresnel 2000-2003

Addresses of the Institutes

InstituteNameAddressFax number
LAOG Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de l’Observatoire de Grenoble BP 53, F-38041 Grenoble cedex, France +33 4 76 44 88 21
LUAN Laboratoire Universitaire d’Astrophysique de Nice Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis, Parc Valrose, F-06108 Nice Cedex 2, France +33 4 92 07 63 21
MPIfR Max-Planck Institüt für Radioastronomie Auf dem Hügel 69, D-53121 Bonn, Deutschland +49 228 525 437
OAA Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri Largo E.Fermi 5, I-50125 Firenze, Italia +39 55 2200 39
OCA Laboratoire Gemini de l’Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur BP 4229, F-06304 Nice Cedex 04, France +33 4 92 00 31 38

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