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Integration in Paranal

From 19 February 2004 to 26 March 2004, a team from the AMBER consortium moved to the Paranal Observatory to installed the instrument. This has been done steps by steps repeating the integration process performed in Europe but in a much shorter time. Also it ended by sevral new tests mainly software but also actual tests on sky.

The steps in the AMBER integration consisted in :

- Mount and install the differents modules on the table
- Mount all the optics in their supports
- Cable the different modules
- Test the soft
- Align the spectrograph
- Cool down the spectrograph and the detector
- Align the warm optics individual modules (excepting the spatial filters)
- Control the performance of the 3 hardware subsystems apart from each other
- Assemble the detector and the spectrograph and install them on the AMBER table
- Make a coalignment between the warm optics and the spectrograph/detector ensemble
- Align all individual elements and get light onto the detector
- get first laboratory fringes
- run many laboratory tests (stability, contrast measurements, change of configuration,...)
- check the interface between the AMBER and the VLTI (hardware and software)
- try the firts observations on the sky
- afjust hardware and software to optimiwe the instrument

Saturday 27 March 2004
AMBER team at Paranal
by Fabien Malbet

Saturday 27 March 2004
VLT activities and sceneries during the AMBER integration
by Alain Delboulbé , Pierre Kern , Sylvie Robbe , Yves Bresson

Thursday 25 March 2004
Host of AMBER: the VLTI
by Sylvie Robbe , Yves Bresson

Thursday 11 March 2004
6. First observations

Wednesday 10 March 2004
5. Global optical alignments
by Florentin Millour

Wednesday 3 March 2004
4. Installation of the cryogenic pipes
by Sylvie Robbe

Monday 1 March 2004
3. Installation of the spectrograph and the detector
by Sylvie Robbe

Friday 27 February 2004
2. Optical alignment of the warm optics
by Sylvie Robbe

Wednesday 25 February 2004
1. Mounting the warm optomecanics
by Sylvie Robbe

Thursday 19 February 2004
The AMBER AIV web page by Andrea Richichi
by Florentin Millour

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