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We wish you a merry christmas - and a happy new year !
Saturday 25 December 2004, by Denis Mourard, Florentin Millour, Martin Vannier, Romain Petrov

Science Demonstration Time (SDT) team and Guaranteed Time Observation (GTO) teem wishes you a merry christmas from Paranal.

We found the VLTI even better than during Commissioning 2 : much better OPD model, much less vibrations...

SDT observations are in progress and we are looking forward a successful GTO starting tomorrow.

You can recognize in the photo from left to right : Florentin Millour (GTO), Denis Mourard (GTO), Frederik Rantakiro (SDT), Martin Vannier (SDT), Romain Petrov (GTO), Markus Schoeller (SDT) and Emmanuel Galliano (Support Astronomer).

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