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AMBER screenshots
GTO observations 24/25 december 2004

AMBER typical snapshots
Wednesday 27 July 2005, by Florentin Millour

Here are typical snapshots of what we can do with the AMBER instrument

PNG - 151.7 kb
fringes waterfall
Here you can see a typical tiume-sequence of fringes of AMBER with 3 telescopes at medium spectral resolution
PNG - 22.5 kb
A typical fringe pattern
3T fringe pattern at medium spectral resolution for an emission-line star
PNG - 11.1 kb
PNG - 13.5 kb
typical P2VM matrix
PNG - 11.7 kb
Typical instrumental contrast
the instrumental contrast at medium spectral resolution. The lower value for the 3rd baseline is due to the resolution of the calibration source

Instrumental fringes -

Instrumental fringes in function of wavelength at medium spectral resolution

ATs "banana" -

Visibility versus SNR plot for tha ATs

UTs "banana" -

Visibility versus SNR plot for tha UTs

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