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AMBER observes through three 8m telescopes simultaneously

First fringes with the VLT unit telescopes
Friday 4 June 2004, by Fabien Malbet, Romain Petrov

On the 28 May 2004 night, AMBER was offered some precious 8m telecope time to perform a brief test of alignment and star acquisition in advance of the official commissioning with UTs that started on the following night. The beam acquisition procedure worked fairly well (VLTI was well aligned by ESO and AMBER was exctly aligned on the VLTI) and seconds after the acquisition of the second beam fringes were obtained in the K band, in medium resolution (1200), on the calibrator 51 Hydra (K magnitude about 2), with UT2 and UT3 using MACAO Adaptive Optics.

Fringes on 51 Hya
(MPEG, 842ko)
Raw visibilities of 51 Hya Histogram of visibilities

It is a real pleasure to work with such a fantastic machine (speaking of the VLTI with 8m telescopes, adaptaive optics, delay lines, many relay optics and control sensors and a quite remarquable operation, organization and software which makes using all this almost as transparent as using any telescope focus). Add to that the large coherence length of a relatively high resolution spectrograph and interferometry looks almost easy...

Fringes... already? How do the fringes look like? Acquisition of 51 Hya in medium spectral resolution Aren’t they beautiful?
The star 51 Hya imaged on the UT2 and UT3 telescopes Work is continuing... Debriefing and satisfaction MWC 297 observed in medium resolution on 30 May 2004

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