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You are here : July 2005: AMBER team on the mountain
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July 2005: AMBER team on the mountain
Wednesday 6 July 2005

There is currently a run to improve the operation efficiency of the VLTI with AMBER and to progress on the so called paranalization in view of observations in period 76. Paranalization is the transformation of AMBER operation and software so that Paranal staff feels comfortable and therefore efficient with it. On the AMBER side, one of the issues is to progress on observation of fainter objects in low spectral resolution with two telescopes. Three AMBER team members arrived today, 5 July at the observatory : Florentin Millour, Fabien Malbet and Romain Petrov.

JPEG - 49.9 kb
The 2 ATs
During this run we will use exclusively the 2 new ATs, each one being a 1.8m telescope dedicated to VLTI.
JPEG - 26.7 kb
AT1 at sunset

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