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Is AMBER observing the formation of a planet ?
mardi 1er mars 2011

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Artist view of T Cha
This artist’s impression shows the disc around the young star T Cha. A companion object, seen in the foreground, has been detected in the gap in the disc that may be either a brown dwarf or a large planet. Credits : ESO/L. Calçada

An international team of astronomers has been able to study the short-lived disc of material around a young star that is in the early stages of making a planetary system using AMBER on the Very Large Telescope. For the first time a smaller companion could be detected that may be the cause of the large gap found in the disc. Future observations will determine whether this companion is a planet or a brown dwarf.

More information
- ESO press release (in English)
- Communiqué de presse CNRS/INSU (in French)

- Johan Olofsson at MPIA
- Jean-Charles Augereau at IPAG
- Fabien Malbet for AMBER

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