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GTO observations 24/25 december 2004
Friday 11 February 2005, by Florentin Millour

Here we present some photos taken during the Guaranteed Time Observations run that took place during Christmas 2004.

JPEG - 16.7 kb
Aconcagua by plane
During the flight between Santiago de Chile and Antofagasta, we flew near the Aconcagua mountain, which is one of the highest of americas.
JPEG - 15.2 kb
Our plane
JPEG - 77.4 kb
VLT by plane
During our flight, we flew over the VLT
JPEG - 37.6 kb
a boat
at antofagasta arrival
JPEG - 21.7 kb
a bus
The kind of vehicles we can find in the atacama desert :-)
JPEG - 22.6 kb
The road to Paranal mountain
Veeeeeery straight
JPEG - 26.8 kb
the observatory arrival
JPEG - 19.6 kb
the observatory arrival (continued)
JPEG - 47.3 kb
close view to AMBER
JPEG - 30.6 kb
Is it alive ?
JPEG - 24.7 kb
The GTO team
Denis Mourard, Romain Petrov and Florentin Millour (from left to right)
JPEG - 23.7 kb
JPEG - 29.5 kb
sunset again
JPEG - 51.5 kb
The guest house
QuickTime - 6.2 Mb
Fringes ! - and Champagne !

Some sport before observations

Fringes ?

The day after...

The group photo

Small visit to UT4

NAOS - CONICA instrument



in front of the shadow of Paranal

pfiu ! It’s over... Merry Christmas !

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