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AMBER Task Force
Saturday 11 October 2008, by Fabien Malbet


Under the responsibility of the AMBER Project Scientist, the objective of the AMBER Task Force is to bring in contractual specifications the accuracy of the absolute visibility, of the differential and of the closure phase through a fundamental analysis of the instrument status and limitations.

Latest documents

- VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-7003 (13/12/2007): AMBER Task Force plan
- VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-7120 (16/04/2008): February 2008 ATF run report (also available on astro-ph/0808.1315)
- AMB-ATF-005 (21/05/2008): New polarization solution for AMBER
- AMB-ATF-006 (26/05/2008): Request for AMBER Rochon polarizer
- AMB-ATF-007 (26/05/2008): Request for two Codixx polarizers dedicated to AMBER
- AMB-ATF-008 (10/10/2008): ATF detailed plan for ATF2 Oct’08 run
- AMB-ATF-009 (10/10/2008): Test report for the CODIXX polarizers

See also the ATF section of AMBER documents for a more complete list of documents.

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