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Two new AMBER papers
Monday 14 January 2008

After the three last papers using the AMBER instrument were advertised in this news, two additional ones were accepted in the Astronomy and Astrophysics referred journal:

Title: First result with AMBER+FINITO on the VLTI: The high-precision angular diameter of V3879 Sgr
Authors: J.-B. Le Bouquin; B. Bauvir; P. Haguenauer; M. Scholler; F. Rantakyro and S. Menardi.

Title: J, H, K spectro-interferometry of the Mira variable S Orionis
Authors: M. Wittkowski, D. A. Boboltz, T. Driebe, J.-B. Le Bouquin, F. Millour, K. Ohnaka, M. Scholz

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