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AMBER Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO) Programme
Monday 18 July 2005, by Fabien Malbet

A global AMBER Science Program has been prepared containg all observations wished by the AMBER consortium. This program is to be performed using the access to the 3 types of observing time which AMBER researchers have access to: open time like other any other ESO-country researchers, guaranteed time and VLTI science demonstration time. The Science Group has therefore issued a call for proposals within the AMBER consortium with the aim of coordinating the different proposing teams and helping them to be ready on time.

The call to define the AMBER Science Program was divided into two phases in order to allow iterations:

- Phase A : proposals with general ideas
- Phase B : detailed and coordinated proposals

The phases A and B are now over and the meeting of the directors of the institutes of the AMBER consortium took place in Grenoble on 11 February 2003. One of the conclusion of this meeting was the allocation of guaranteed time to the various proposals.

The final Guaranteed Time Observations program is now publicly available as an ESO document:


The programme covers a wide range of topics that can be addressed with 8-m UT and 1.8-m AT telescopes, but certainly it does not cover everything.

AMBER GTO programme - 7.6 ko

AMBER GTO programme Histogram of the proposals that have been proposed for the AMBER Guaranteed Time Observations programme.

For any further information, please contact F. Malbet (

Last web update: 14 Sep 2005

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