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Recent Events

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Recent Events

mercredi 25 juin 2014
VLT spots the largest hypergiant star
by Florentin Millour

Monday 30 July 2012
Fuel for the black hole

vendredi 17 juin 2011
On the trail of a disk around a star

vendredi 10 juin 2011
AMBER observes a quasar in medium resolution

mardi 1er mars 2011
Is AMBER observing the formation of a planet ?

mercredi 2 février 2011
AMBER / VLTI switches to 3D

mercredi 15 septembre 2010
First Detailed Image of Disc around Young Star

Thursday 15 July 2010
Imaging the disk of a young massive star

jeudi 17 septembre 2009
AMBER discovers a companion to HD87643 by image-synthesis
by Florentin Millour

jeudi 30 juillet 2009
AMBER observes Betelgeuse and reveals how supergiant stars lose mass

mardi 14 avril 2009
The spin-orbit alignment of the Fomalhaut planetary system probed by AMBER

lundi 23 février 2009
First images obtained with AMBER

Monday 13 October 2008
Tracing gas emission close to young stellar objects

Thursday 24 July 2008
A new Nova eruption followed by AMBER on the VLTI

Wednesday 2 July 2008
AMBER scrutinizes the inner region of the young star MWC 147

Thursday 20 December 2007
New release of the AMBER DRS: 2.0

Wednesday 21 February 2007
Astronomy & Astrophysics series of articles on first AMBER/VLTI results
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 12 February 2007
AMBER Scientific Workshop
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 30 October 2006
The Be star : Alpha Arae
by Florentin Millour

Monday 13 February 2006
Outcome of the 3rd commissioning run

Thursday 24 November 2005
AMBER scrutinizes the environment of stars
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 13 June 2005
First AMBER astrophysical results presented at ESO conference
by Fabien Malbet

Saturday 25 December 2004
We wish you a merry christmas - and a happy new year !
by Denis Mourard , Florentin Millour , Martin Vannier , Romain Petrov

Saturday 23 October 2004
AMBER second commissioning (15-26 Oct 2004)
by Fabien Malbet

Saturday 5 June 2004
AMBER has been commissionned with pair and triplet of 8m telescopes
by Fabien Malbet

lundi 5 avril 2004
Un téléobjectif géant pour observer le ciel...
by Agnès Blanc-Senet

Wednesday 24 March 2004
Fringes have been recorded (23 March 2004)
by Fabien Malbet

Sunday 21 March 2004
First sky fringes (21 March 2004)
by Fabien Malbet , Romain Petrov

Sunday 21 March 2004
Letter of the PI to the AMBER team (21 March 2004)
by Romain Petrov

Saturday 20 March 2004
First results of AMBER stability tests (20 March 2004)
by Fabien Malbet

Thursday 18 March 2004
Fringes alignment complete (16 March 2004)
by Fabien Malbet , Pierre Kern

Thursday 11 March 2004
First laboratory fringes on AMBER at Paranal (10 March 2004)
by Pierre Kern

Wednesday 21 January 2004
Welcome to the new AMBER web site
by Fabien Malbet , Florentin Millour

News items
Friday 10 June
Faintest observations on a quasar
AMBER has detected fringes on 3C273, a quasar of K=10, thanks to a new observing mode that will soon be available to all observers. More info can be found in the press releases.
Wednesday 23 June
AMBER handed over to ESO
The “Provisional Acceptance Chili” (PAC) of AMBER has been declared “closed” on May 20, 2010 by Mark Casali, head of the Instrumentation division of ESO. This means that ESO considers that the instrument is finished and operates within specifications, (or within accepted (...)
Thursday 17 September
New baselines for VLTI
For P85, a new station is offered: I1. It is included in the three new configurations with 4 telescopes (out of which any 3 can be chosen for AMBER): A0-G1-K0-I1 D0-H0-G1-I1 E0-G0-H0-I1
Friday 27 February
AMBER open in H band medium resolution for P84
AMBER is open to the community in H band in medium spectral resolution (R=1500). More details can be found on the official ESO call for proposal and on the AMBER ESO webpage.
Monday 23 February
First stellar image from AMBER
The image of star obtained with AMBER is from the Mira star T Leporis. This result has been published by Le Bouquin et al. in Astronomy and Astrophysics. More details on the Recent Events page.

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