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PAE Documents
Thursday 18 December 2003, by Pierre Kern

Original version of the documents are available at the following address:


Answers to ESO questions : pdf version


TitleDocument Number
User’sRequirements VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-0002
Scientific Analysis Report VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-0003
OPM Lower Level Specifications VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-1001
Spectrograph Lower Level Specifications VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-2001
Detector Lower Level Specifications VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-3001
Instrument Control Lower Level Specifications VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-5001
Software Requirements VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-6001
Software Functional Specifications VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-6002
Software Design Description VLT-SPE-AMB-15830-6003
Transport from Europe to Paranal Specifications VLT-ESO-AMB-15830-3165

Technical Reports

TitleDocument Number
Instrument Analysis Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-0001
Instrument Final Design VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-0002
Final Design Review Overview VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-0003
Reliability Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-0005
Safety Compliance Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-0006
Power Dissipation Budget Assessment VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-0007
OPM Warm Optics Design Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-1001
OPM Mechanical Design Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-1002
OPM Warm Optics Test Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-1010
Spectrograph Design Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2001
SPG Cryostat Mechanical Design VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2051
SPG Hexapod Support Design VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2061
SPG Support of Aluminum Mirrors VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2071
SPG Cryostat Preliminary Design VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2081
Spectrograph Analysis Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2002
Spectrograph Test Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2010
SPG/DET Interface Design Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-2301
Detector Design Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-3002
Detector Test Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-3010
Instrument Control Design Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-5001
Instrument Performance Test Report VLT-TRE-AMB-15830-7003


TitleDocument Number
Project Management Plan (only FDR paper version) VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-0001
Configuration Management Plan (only FDR paper version) VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-0002
Product Assurance Plan (only FDR paper version) VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-0003
Instrument Calibration Plan VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-0004
Scientific Instrument Operation Plan VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-0005
Data Reduction Plan VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-6004
Software Acceptance Plan VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-6005
Assembly Integration and Test Plan VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-7001
Commissioning Plan VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-7002
Documentation Management Plan (only FDR paper version) VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-9001
Verification Matrices Acceptance Plan VLT-PLA-ESO-15830-3164
OPM Manufacturing Plan VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-1001
Manufacturing and Assembly ? Detector Part VLT-PLA-AMB-15830-3001


TitleDocument Number
Product Tree VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-0001
Configuration Item Data List VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-0003
Spare Part List VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-0004
Non Standard Components List VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-0005
FDR Data Package VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-9020
Acceptance Data Package VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-9030
Guarantee Time Observation VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-0007
Integration Tools at Paranal VLT-LIS-AMB-15830-7008


TitleDocument Number
Instrument Interface Control Document VLT-ICD-AMB-15830-0001
Interface Control Doc. between OS and DCS VLT-ICD-AMB-15830-6001


TitleDocument Number
User Manual VLT-MAN-AMB-15830-0001
Maintenance Manual VLT-MAN-AMB-15830-0002
Software User and Maintenance Manual VLT-MAN-AMB-15830-6001


TitleDocument Number
Handling and Installation Procedure VLT-PRO-AMB-15830-7004
Assembly and Alignment Procedure VLT-PRO-AMB-15830-7005
Cryostats Filling and Warming up Procedures VLT-PRO-AMB-15830-0003


TitleDocument Number
Drawings list VLT-DRL-AMB-15830-0-000000-0001
Drawings set Arcetri (SPG) VLT-DWG-AMB-15830-0-
Drawings set Bonn (DET) VLT-DWG-AMB-15830-0-
Drawings set Nice (OPM) VLT-DWG-AMB-15830-0-

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