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Outcome of the 3rd commissioning run
Monday 13 February 2006

The 3rd comissioning run of AMBER ended on Sunday 12 February. It included 3 nights with 3 UTs [1] and 4 nights with 2 ATs [2].

JPEG - 1.2 Mb
AT1 & AT3 observing Sirius
AVI - 6.4 Mb
H and K Fringes on HD48433
Movie of fringes jittering around
JPEG - 60.1 kb
COM3 set-up
AT1 and AT3 on the 16m baseline E0-G0

Unfortunaletly the 2 first UT nights were lost because of weather conditions (high humidity prevented the opening of the telescopes), but the last night on UTs and the run on ATs were very encouraging. Main outline from this commissioning run are:

- HR-K operation validated and a limiting magnitude of K=2 with UTs
- MR-H operation validated with limiting magnitude to be confirmed
- acquistion speed increased thanks to IRIS, fringe search and fringe centering software, and reach 10mn. Objects every 20mn can be contemplated.
- very good performances of the ATs with limiting magnitude fainter than K=6.4 in low resolution, K=3 in medium resolution
- the system contrast is very close to 80%
- visibility errors can be less than 1% even on a resolved object
- good stability of the instrument transfert function

With these results, we hope that ESO will soon open the access to the instrument, especially with the ATs.

Romain, Fabien, Gilles, Gérard with Frederik, Andrea and Sebastien.

[1] UT1, 2, and 3

[2] AT1 and AT3 on the E0-G0 16m baseline

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