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AMBER scrutinizes the environment of stars
Thursday 24 November 2005, by Fabien Malbet

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The first two published results from AMBER have been accepted for publications in the leading research journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

JPEG - 54.9 kb
An edge-on representation of the environment of MWC 297 (Artist’s view).

These works focus on the close environment of young and old stars and they led to a series of press releases in Europe issued on 24 November 2005:

The articles are freely available on the A&A site:
- "Disk and wind interaction in the young stellar object MWC297 spatially resolved with VLTI/AMBER" by F. Malbet, M. Benisty, W.J. de Wit, S. Kraus, A. Meilland, F. Millour, E. Tatulli, J.-P. Berger, O. Chesneau, K.-H. Hofmann, A. Isella, A. Natta, R. Petrov, T. Preibisch, P. Stee, L. Testi, G. Weigelt et al.
- "VLTI/AMBER and VLTI/MIDI spectro-interferometric observations of the B[e] supergiant CPD-57 2874" by A. Domiciano de Souza, Th. Driebe, O. Chesneau, K.-H. Hofmann, S. Kraus, A.S. Miroshnichenko, K. Ohnaka, R.G. Petrov, Th. Preibisch, Ph. Stee, G. Weigelt, F. Lisi, F. Malbet, A. Richichi.

Following these press releases, AMBER has received some publicity in many countries:

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