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Three new AMBER papers not from the consortium.
Thursday 6 December 2007

Three new papers using VLTI/AMBER observations on stellar sources have been advertised in the 04/12/2007 issue of astro-ph. These papers have been prepared by teams outside the AMBER teams.

Title: De-biasing interferometric visibilities in VLTI-AMBER data of low SNR observations
Authors: G. Li Causi, S. Antoniucci and E. Tatulli (2235kb)

Title: Resolving the ionized wind of the post-Red Supergiant IRC +10 420 with VLTI/AMBER
Authors: W.J. de Wit, R.D. Oudmaijer, M.A.T. Groenewegen, M.G. Hoare, F. Malbet (239kb)

Title: Detection of an inner gaseous component in a Herbig Be star accretion disk: Near- and mid-infrared spectro-interferometry and radiative transfer modeling of MWC 147
Authors: S. Kraus, Th. Preibisch, and K. Ohnaka (1584kb)

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