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List of AMBER publications
Saturday 21 June 2014

You will find below all astrophysical refereed publications focused to AMBER.

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Other References

    Papers in 2014:
  1. The yellow hypergiant HR 5171 A: Resolving a massive interacting binary in the common envelope phase
    O. Chesneau, A. Meilland, E. Chapellier, F. Millour, A. M. van Genderen, Y. Nazé, N. Smith, A. Spang, J. V. Smoker, L. Dessart, S. Kanaan, Ph. Bendjoya, M. W. Feast, J. H. Groh, A. Lobel, N. Nardetto, S. Otero, R. D. Oudmaijer, A. G. Tekola, P. A. Whitelock, C. Arcos, M. Curé and L. Vanzi
  2. VLTI/AMBER observations of cold giant stars: atmospheric structures and fundamental parameters
    B. Arroyo-Torres, I. Martí-Vidal, J. M. Marcaide, M. Wittkowski, J.C. Guirado, P. H. Hauschildt, A. Quirrenbach, J. Fabregat
  3. The variable stellar wind of Rigel probed at high spatial and spectral resolution
    O. Chesneau, A. Kaufer, O. Stahl, C. Colvinter, A. Spang, L. Dessart, R. Prinja, R. Chini
  4. GCIRS 7, a pulsating M1 supergiant at the Galactic centre. Physical properties and age
    T. Paumard, O. Pfuhl, F. Martins, P. Kervella, T. Ott, J.-U. Pott, J.B. Le Bouquin, J. Breitfelder, S. Gillessen, G. Perrin, L. Burtscher, X. Haubois, W. Brandner

      Papers in 2013:
  5. The atmospheric structure and fundamental parameters of the red supergiants AH Scorpii, UY Scuti, and KW Sagittarii
    B. Arroyo-Torres, M. Wittkowski, J. M. Marcaide, and P. H. Hauschildt
  6. HD 85567: A Herbig B[e] star or an interacting B[e] binary
    H.E. Wheelwright, G. Weigelt, A. Caratti o Garatti, and R. Garcia Lopez
  7. An interferometric study of the post-AGB binary 89 Herculis I Spatially resolving the continuum circumstellar environment at optical and near-IR wavelengths with the VLTI, NPOI, IOTA, PTI, and the CHARA Array
    M. Hillen, T. Verhoelst, H. Van Winckel, O. Chesneau, C.A. Hummel, J.D. Monnier, C. Farrington, C. Tycner, D. Mourard, T. ten Brummelaar, D.P.K. Banerjee, and R.T. Zavala
  8. Fundamental parameters of 16 late-type stars derived from their angular diameter measured with VLTI/AMBER
    P. Cruzalèbes, A. Jorissen, Y. Rabbia, S. Sacuto, A. Chiavassa, E. Pasquato, B. Plez, K. Eriksson, A. Spang, and O. Chesneau
  9. Exploring the water and carbon monoxide shell around Betelgeuse with VLTI/AMBER
    Authors: Miguel Montarg\`es (LESIA), Pierre Kervella (LESIA), Guy Perrin (LESIA), Keiichi Ohnaka (MPIFR)
  10. The atmospheric structure and fundamental parameters of three red supergiants
    Arroyo-Torres B., Wittkowski M., Marcaide J. M., Hauschildt P. H
  11. Direct Detection of the Tertiary Component in the Massive Multiple HD 150 136 with VLTI
    J. Sanchez-Bermudez, R. Schödel, A. Alberdi, R. H. Barbá, C. A. Hummel, J. Maíz Apellaníz, J.-U. Pott, A&A, 554, 4
  12. Multiwavelength interferometric observations and modeling of circumstellar disks
    A. A. Schegerer, T. Ratzka, P. A. Schuller, S. Wolf, L. Mosoni, Ch. Leinert, A&A, 555, 103
  13. High spectral resolution imaging of the dynamical atmosphere of the red supergiant Antares in the CO first overtone lines with VLTI/AMBER
    Keiichi Ohnaka, Karl-Heinz Hofmann, Dieter Schertl, Gerd Weigelt, Carlo Baffa, Alain Chelli, Romain Petrov, Sylvie Robbe-Dubois, A&A, 555, 24
  14. Spatially resolved, high-spectral resolution observation of the K giant Aldebaran in the CO first overtone lines with VLTI/AMBER
    K. Ohnaka 2013, A&A in press (arXiv:1303.4763)
  15. Pre-main-sequence binaries with tidally disrupted discs: the Br gamma in HD 104237
    P. J. V. Garcia, M. Benisty, C. Dougados, F. Bacciotti, J.-M. Clausse, F. Massi, A. Mérand, R. Petrov, G. Weigelt, 2013, MNRAS 430, 1839
  16. Neutral and ionized gas around the post-Red Supergiant IRC+10420 at au size scales
    R. Oudmaijer, W.-J. de Wit, 2013 A&A 551, A69
  17. The multiplicity of massive stars in the Orion Nebula cluster as seen with long-baseline interferometry
    R. Grellmann, T. Preibisch, T. Ratzka, S. Kraus, K. Helminiak, H. Zinnecker, 2013, A&A 550, A82
  18. Revealing the inclined circumstellar disk in the UX Orionis system KK Ophiuchi
    A. Kreplin, G. Weigelt, S. Kraus, V. Grinin, K.H. Hofmann, M. Kishimoto, D. Schertl, L. Tambovtseva, J.-M. Clausse, F. Massi, K. Perraut, Ph. Stee, 2013, A&A 551, A21
  19. Evidence of an asymmetrical Keplerian disk in the Brg and He I emission lines around the Be star HD 110432
    P. Stee, A. Meilland, P. Bendjoya, F. Millour, M. Smith, A. Spang, G. Duvert, K.-H. Hofmann, F. Massi, 2013, A&A 550, A65
  20. The binary Be star delta Scorpii at high spectral and spatial resolution : II The circumstellar disk evolution after the periastron
    A. Meilland, P. Stee, A. Spang, F. Malbet, F. Massi, D. Schertl, 2013, A&A 550, L5
  21. On the binarity of the classical Cepheid X Sgr from interferometric observations
    G. Li Causi, S. Antoniucci, G. Bono, S. Pedicelli, D. Lorenzetti, T. Giannini, B. Nisini, 2013, A&A 549, A64
    Papers in 2012:
  22. Imaging Disk Distortion of Be Binary System δ Scorpii near Periastron
    Che, X.; Monnier, J. D.; Tycner, C.; Kraus, S.; Zavala, R. T.; Baron, F.; Pedretti, E.; ten Brummelaar, T.; McAlister, H.; Ridgway, S. T.; Sturmann, J.; Sturmann, L.; Turner, N. 2012, ApJ 757, 29
  23. Beyond the diffraction limit of optical/IR interferometers. I. Angular diameter and rotation parameters of Achernar from differential phases
    Domiciano de Souza, A.; Hadjara, M.; Vakili, F.; Bendjoya, P.; Millour, F.; Abe, L.; Carciofi, A. C.; Faes, D. M.; Kervella, P.; Lagarde, S.; Marconi, A.; Monin, J.-L.; Niccolini, G.; Petrov, R. G.; Weigelt, G. 2012, A&A 545, A130
  24. AMBER/VLTI observations of the B[e] star MWC 300
    Wang, Y.; Weigelt, G.; Kreplin, A.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Kraus, S.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Schertl, D.; Chelli, A.; Domiciano de Souza, A.; Massi, F.; Robbe-Dubois, S., 2012, A&A 545, L10
  25. AMBER and CRIRES observations of the binary sgB[e] star HD 327083: evidence of a gaseous disc traced by CO bandhead emission
    Wheelwright, H. E.; de Wit, W. J.; Weigelt, G.; Oudmaijer, R. D.; Ilee, J. D., 2012 A&A 543, A77
  26. Revealing the inner circumstellar disk of the T Tauri star S CrA N using the VLTI
    Vural, J.; Kreplin, A.; Kraus, S.; Weigelt, G.; Driebe, T.; Benisty, M.; Dugué, M.; Massi, F.; Monin, J.-L.; Vannier, M., 2012 A&A 543, A162
  27. Near-infrared interferometric observation of the Herbig Ae star HD 144432 with VLTI/AMBER
    Chen, L.; Kreplin, A.; Wang, Y.; Weigelt, G.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Kraus, S.; Schertl, D.; Lagarde, S.; Natta, A.; Petrov, R.; Robbe-Dubois, S.; Tatulli, E., 2012 A&A 541, A104
  28. VLTI/AMBER observations of the Seyfert nucleus of NGC 3783
    Weigelt, G.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Kishimoto, M.; Hönig, S.; Schertl, D.; Marconi, A.; Millour, F.; Petrov, R.; Fraix-Burnet, D.; Malbet, F.; Tristram, K.; Vannier, M., 2012 A&A 541, L9
  29. New activity in the large circumstellar disk of the Be-shell star 48 Librae
    Štefl, S.; Le Bouquin, J.-B.; Carciofi, A. C.; Rivinius, T.; Baade, D.; Rantakyrö, F., 2012 A&A 540, A76
  30. On the nature of the Herbig B(e) star binary system V921 Scorpii: Geometry and Kinematics of the Circumprimary Disk on Sub-AU Scales
    S. Kraus, N. Calvet, L. Hartmann, K.-H. Hofmann, A. Kreplin, J.D. Monnier, G. Weigelt, 2012, ApJ 752, 11
  31. The long period eccentric orbit of the particle accelerator HD167971 revealed by long baseline interferometry
    M. De Becker, H. Sana, O. Absil, J.-B. Le Bouquin, R. Blomme, 2012 MNRAS 423, 2711
  32. On the nature of the Herbig B(e) star binary system V921 Scorpii: Discovery of a close companion and relation to the large-scale bipolar nebula
    S. Kraus, N. Calvet, L. Hartmann, K.-H. Hofmann, A. Kreplin, J.D. Monnier, G. Weigelt, 2012, ApJ 746, L2
  33. Fundamental properties and atmospheric structure of the red supergiant VY CMa based on VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry
    M. Wittkowski, P. H. Hauschildt, B. Arroyo Torres, J. M. Marcaide 2012, A&A 540, L12
  34. AMBER/VLTI observations of 5 giant stars
    F. Cusano, C. Paladini, A. Richichi, E. W. Guenther, B. Aringer, K. Biazzo, R. Molinaro, L. Pasquini, A. P. Hatzes, 2012, A&A 539, A58
  35. First spectro-interferometric survey of Be stars I. Observations and constraints on the disks geometry and kinematics
    A. Meilland, F. Millour, S. Kanaan, P. Stee, R. Petrov, K.-H. Hofmann, A. Natta, K. Perraut 2012, A&A 538, A110
  36. VLTI/AMBER observations of the binary B(e) supergiant HD 327083, A&A
    H. E. Wheelwright, W. J. de Wit, R. D. Oudmaijer, J. S. Vink, 2012 A&A 538, A6
  37. Gas Distribution, Kinematics, and Excitation Structure in the Disks around the Classical Be Stars Beta Canis Minoris and Zeta Tauri
    S. Kraus, J.D. Monnier, X. Che, G.H. Schaefer, Y. Touhami, D.R. Gies, J. Aufdenberg, F. Baron, N. Thureau, T.A. Brummelaar, H. McAlister, N.H. Turner, J. Sturmann, L. Sturmann 2012, ApJ 744, 19
  38. Resolving the circumstellar environment of the B(e) star V921 Scorpii in the near-infrared with VLTI/AMBER
    A. Kreplin, S. Kraus, K.-H. Hofmann, D. Schertl, G. Weigelt, T. Driebe, 2012, A&A 537, A103
  39. Spatially resolving the outer atmosphere of the M giant BK Vir in the CO first overtone lines with VLTI/AMBER
    K. Ohnaka, K.-H. Hofmann, D. Schertl, G. Weigelt, F. Malbet, F. Massi, A. Meilland, Ph. Stee 2012, A&A 537, A53
    Papers in 2011:
  40. An incisive look at the symbiotic star SS Leporis — Milli-arcsecond imaging with PIONIER/VLTI
    N. Blind, H. M. J. Boffin, J.-P. Berger, J.-B. Le Bouquin, A. Mérand, B. Lazareff, G. Zins, 2011, A&A 536, A55
  41. Near-infrared spectro-interferometry of three OH/IR Stars with the VLTI/AMBER instrument
    A. E. Ruiz-Velasco, M. Wittkowski, A. Wachter, K.-P. Schroeder, T. Driebe 2011, A&A 535, A100
  42. The Non-thermal Radio Emitter HD 93250 Resolved by Long Baseline Interferometry
    H. Sana, J.-B. Le Bouquin, M. De Becker, J.-P. Berger, A. de Koter, A. Merand 2011, ApJ 740, L43
  43. The 2011 outburst of the recurrent novaT Pyx. Evidence for a face-on bipolar ejection
    O. Chesneau, A. Meilland, D.P.K. Banerjee, J.-B. Le Bouquin, H. A. Mcalister, F. Millour, S.T. Ridgway, A. Spang, T.A. Ten Brummelaar, M. Wittkowski, N. M. Ashok, M. Benisty, J.-P. Berger, T. S. Boyajian, C. Farrington, P.J. Goldfinger, A. Mérand, N. Nardetto, R. Petrov, T. Rivinius, G. Schaefer, G. Zins, 2011, A&A 534, L11
  44. The size of AB Doradus A from VLTI/AMBER interferometry
    J.C. Guirado, J.M. Marcaide, I. Marti-Vidal, J.-B. Le Bouquin, L.M. Close, W.D. Cotton, J. Montalban 2011, A&A 533, A106
  45. The binary Be star δ Sco at high spectral and spatial resolution: Disk geometry and kinematics before the 2011 periastron
    A. Meilland, O. Delaa, Ph. Stee et al. 2011, A&A 532, A80
  46. The nearby eclipsing stellar system delta Velorum III. Self-consistent fundamental parameters and distance
    A. Mérand, P. Kervella, T. Pribulla, M. G. Petr-Gotzens, M. Benisty, A. Natta, G. Duvert, D. Schertl, M. Vannier 2011, A&A 532, A50
  47. Inhomogeneities in molecular layers of Mira atmospheres
    M. Wittkowski, D. A. Boboltz, M. Ireland, I. Karovicova, K. Ohnaka, M. Scholz, F. van Wyk, P. Whitelock, P. R. Wood, A. A. Zijlstra 2011, A&A 532, L7
  48. A low optical depth region in the inner disk of the Herbig Ae star HR 5999
    M. Benisty, S. Renard, A. Natta, J. P. Berger, F. Massi, F. Malbet, P. J. V. Garcia, A. Isella, A. Mérand, J. L. Monin, L. Testi, E. Thiébaut, M. Vannier and G. Weigelt 2011, A&A 531, A84
  49. Constraining the structure of the planet-forming region in the disk of the Herbig Be star HD 100546
    E. Tatulli, M. Benisty, F. Ménard, P. Varnière, C. Martin-Zaidi, W.-F. Thi, C. Pinte, F. Massi, G. Weigelt, K.-H. Hofmann, R. G. Petrov 2011, A&A 531, A1
  50. Imaging the dynamical atmosphere of the red supergiant Betelgeuse in the CO first overtone lines with VLTI/AMBER
    K. Ohnaka, G. Weigelt, F. Millour, K.-H. Hofmann, T. Driebe, D. Schertl, A. Chelli. F. Massi, R. Petrov, Ph. Stee 2011, A&A 529, A163.
  51. AMBER observations of the AGB star RS Cap: extended atmosphere and comparison with stellar models
    I. Marti-Vidal, J.M. Marcaide, A. Quirrenbach, K. Ohnaka, J.C. Guirado, M. Wittkowski 2011, A&A 529, A115.
  52. Warm dust resolved in the cold disk around T Cha with VLTI/AMBER
    J. Olofsson, M. Benisty, J.-C. Augereau, C. Pinte, F. Ménard, E. Tatulli, J.-P. Berger, F. Malbet, B. Merín, E. F. van Dishoeck, S. Lacour, K. M. Pontoppidan, J.-L. Monin, J. M. Brown, G. A. Blake 2011, A&A 528, L6
  53. The galactic unclassified B(e) star HD 50138. II. Interferometric constraints on the close circumstellar environment
    M. Borges Fernandes, A. Meilland, Ph. Bendjoya, A. Domiciano de Souza, G. Niccolini, O. Chesneau, F. Millour, A. Spang, Ph. Stee, M. Kraus 2011, A&A 528, A20
  54. VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry of the Herbig Be star MWC 297 with spectral resolution 12000
    G. Weigelt, V. P. Grinin, J. H. Groh, K.-H. Hofmann, S. Kraus, A. S. Miroshnichenko, D. Schertl, L. V. Tambovtseva, M. Benisty, T. Driebe, S. Lagarde, F. Malbet, A. Meilland, R. Petrov, E. Tatulli 2011, A&A 527, A103
  55. Imaging the spinning gas and dust in the disc around the supergiant A(e) star HD62623
    F. Millour, A. Meilland, O. Chesneau, P. Stee, S. Kanaan, R. Petrov, D. Mourard, S. Kraus, 2011, A&A 526, A107
    Papers in 2010:
  56. Deep near-infrared interferometric search for low-mass companions around beta Pictoris
    O. Absil, J.-B. Le Bouquin, J. Lebreton, J.-C. Augereau, M. Benisty, G. Chauvin, C. Hanot, A. Mérand, G. Montagnier, 2010, A&A 520, L2
  57. Milli-arcsecond images of the Herbig Ae star HD 163296
    S. Renard, F. Malbet, M. Benisty, E. Thiébaut, J.-P. Berger, 2010, A&A 519, A26
  58. The 2008 outburst in the young stellar system ZCMa: I. Evidence of an enhanced bipolar wind on the AU-scale
    M. Benisty, F. Malbet, C. Dougados, A. Natta, J.B. Le Bouquin, F. Massi, M. Bonnefoy, J. Bouvier, G. Chauvin, O. Chesneau, P.J.V. Garcia, K. Grankin, A. Isella, T. Ratzka, E. Tatulli, L. Testi, G. Weigelt, E.T. Whelan, 2010, A&A 517, L3
  59. A hot compact dust disk around a massive young stellar object
    S. Kraus, K.-H. Hofmann, K. M. Menten, D. Schertl, G. Weigelt, F. Wyrowski, A. Meilland, K. Perraut, R. Petrov, S. Robbe-Dubois, P. Schilke & L. Testi, 2010, Nature, 466, 339
  60. HD 95881: A gas rich to gas poor transition disk?
    A.P. Verhoeff, M. Min, B. Acke, R. van Boekel, E. Pantin, L.B.F.M. Waters, A.G.G.M. Tielens, M.E. van den Ancker, G.D. Mulders, A. de Koter, J. Bouwman, 2010, A&A 516, A48.
  61. Is Eta Carinae a Fast Rotator, and How Much Does the Companion Influence the Inner Wind Structure?,
    J.H. Groh, T. I. Madura, S. P. Owocki, D. J. Hillier, G. Weigelt, 2010, ApJ 716, L223.
  62. First step to detect an extrasolar planet using simultaneous observations with the VLTI instruments AMBER and MIDI
    A. Matter, M. Vannier, S. Morel, B. Lopez, W. Jaffe, S. Lagarde, R. G. Petrov, C. Leinert, 2010, A&A 515, A69.
  63. Ellipsoidal primary of the RS CVn binary zeta And: Investigation using high-resolution spectroscopy and optical interferometry
    H. Korhonen, M. Wittkowski, Zs. Kovari, Th. Granzer, T. Hackman, K.G. Strassmeier 2010, A&A 515, A14
  64. Angular diameter estimation of interferometric calibrators Example of λ Gruis, calibrator for VLTI-AMBER
    P. Cruzalèbes, A. Jorissen, S. Sacuto and D. Bonneau, 2010, A&A 515, A6.
  65. The complex structure of the disk around HD100546: the inner few astronomical units
    M. Benisty, E. Tatulli, F. Menard, M. Swain 2010, A&A 511, A75.
  66. Strong near-infrared emission in the sub-AU disk of the Herbig Ae star HD163296: evidence for refractory dust?
    M. Benisty, A. Natta, A. Isella, J-P. Berger, F. Massi, J-B. LeBouquin, A. Merand, G. Duvert, S. Kraus, F. Malbet, J. Olofsson, S. Robbe-Dubois, L. Testi, M. Vannier, G. Weigelt 2010, A&A 511, A74.
  67. VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometric imaging of VX Sgr’s inhomogenous outer atmosphere
    A. Chiavassa, S. Lacour, F. Millour, T. Driebe, M. Wittkowski, B. Plez, E. Thiebaut, E. Josselin, B. Freytag, M. Scholz, X. Haubois 2010, A&A 511, A51.
  68. Phase closure nulling of HD 59717 with AMBER/VLTI . Detection of the close faint companion
    G. Duvert, A. Chelli, F. Malbet, P. Kern 2010, A&A 509, A66.
    Papers in 2009:
  69. Revealing the sub-AU asymmetries of the inner dust rim in the disk around the Herbig Ae star R CrA
    S. Kraus, K.-H. Hofmann, F. Malbet, A. Meilland, A. Natta, D. Schertl, P. Stee, and G. Weigelt 2009, A&A 508, 587.
  70. A binary engine fuelling HD 87643’s complex circumstellar environment - Determined using AMBER/VLTI imaging
    F. Millour, O. Chesneau, M. Borges Fernandes, A. Meilland et al. 2009, A&A 507, 317
  71. Resolving the asymmetric inner wind region of the yellow hypergiant IRC+10420 with VLTI/AMBER in low and high spectral resolution mode
    T. Driebe, J. H. Groh, K.-H. Hofmann, K. Ohnaka, S. Kraus, F. Millour, K. Murakawa, D. Schertl, G. Weigelt, R. Petrov, M. Wittkowski, C. A.Hummel, J. B. Le Bouquin, A. Merand, M. Schoeller, F. Massi, P. Stee, E. Tatulli 2009, A&A 507, 301
  72. VLTI/AMBER unveils a possible dusty pinwheel nebula in WR118
    F. Millour, T. Driebe, O. Chesneau, J. Groh, K.-H. Hofmann, K. Murakawa, K. Ohnaka, D. Schertl, G. Weigel, 2009, A&A 506, L49
  73. Mass-radius relation of low and very low-mass stars revisited with the VLTI
    B.-O. Demory, D. Segransan, T. Forveille, D. Queloz, J.-L. Beuzit, X. Delfosse, E. Di Folco, P. Kervella, J.-B. Le Bouquin, C. Perrier 2009, A&A 505, 205
  74. Cyclic Variability of the Circumstellar Disc of the Be Star zeta Tau. II. Testing the 2D Global Disc Oscillation Model
    A. C. Carciofi, A. T. Okazaki, J-B. le Bouquin et al. 2009, A&A 504, 915
  75. Cyclic variability of the circumstellar disk of the Be star zetaTau - I. Long-term monitoring observations
    S. Stefl, Th. Rivinius, A.C. Carciofi, J.B. LeBouquin, D. Baade, K.S. Bjorkman, E. Hesselbach, C.A. Hummel, A.T. Okazaki, E. Pollmann, F. Rantakyrö, J.P. Wisniewski 2009, A&A 504, 929
  76. Spatially resolving the inhomogeneous structure of the dynamical atmosphere of Betelgeuse with VLTI/AMBER
    K. Ohnaka, K.-H. Hofmann, M. Benisty, A. Chelli, T. Driebe, F. Millour, R. Petrov, D. Schertl, Ph. Stee, F. Vakili, G. Weigelt 2009, A&A 503, 1830
  77. The spin-orbit alignment of the Fomalhaut planetary system probed by optical long baseline interferometry
    J.-B. LeBouquin, O. Absil, M. Benisty, F. Massi, A. Mérand, and S. Stefl 2009, A&A 498, L41
  78. Tracing the young massive high-eccentricity binary system Theta 1 Orionis C through periastron passage
    S. Kraus, G. Weigelt, Y.Y. Balega et al., 2009, A&A 497, 195
  79. Pre-maximum spectro-imaging of the Mira star T Lep with AMBER/VLTI
    J.-B. Le Bouquin, S. Lacour, S. Renard, E. Thiébaut, A. Mérand, T. Verhoelst 2009, A&A 496, L1
    Papers in 2008:
  80. Diameter and photospheric structures of Canopus from AMBER/VLTI interferometry
    A. Domiciano de Souza , P. Bendjoya , F. Vakili , F. Millour , and R.G. Petrov 2008, A&A 489, L5
  81. The origin of hydrogen line emission for five Herbig Ae/Be stars spatially resolved by VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry
    S. Kraus, K.-H. Hofmann, M. Benisty, J.-P. Berger, O. Chesneau, A. Isella, F. Malbet, A. Meilland, N. Nardetto, A. Natta, T. Preibisch, D. Schertl, M. Smith, P. Stee, E. Tatulli, L. Testi, G. Weigelt 2008, A&A 489, 1157
  82. Spatially resolving the hot CO around the young Be star 51 Ophiuchi
    E. Tatulli, F. Malbet, F. Menard, C. Gil, L. Testi, A. Natta, S. Kraus, P. Stee, S. Robbe-Dubois 2008, A&A 489, 1151
  83. Delta Cen: a new binary Be star detected by VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry
    A. Meilland , F. Millour , Ph. Stee , A. Spang , R. Petrov , D. Bonneau, K. Perraut and F. Massi, 2008, A&A 488, L67
  84. First VLTI infrared spectro-interferometry on GCIRS 7, Characterizing the prime reference source for Galactic center observations at highest angular resolution
    J.-U. Pott, A. Eckart, A. Glindemann, S. Kraus, R. Schödel, A. M. Ghez, J. Woillez, and G. Weigelt 2008, A&A 487, 413
  85. VLTI monitoring of the dust formation event of the Nova V1280 Sco
    O. Chesneau, D. Banerjee, F. Millour, N. Nardetto, A. Spang, S. Sacuto, M. Wittkowski, N.M. Ashok, R.K. Das, Ch. Hummel, S. Kraus, Eric Lagadec, S. Morel, M. Petr-Gotzens, F.T. Rantakyro, M. Schöller 2008, A&A 487, 223
  86. MWC 297: a young high-mass star rotating at critical velocity
    B. Acke, T. Verhoelst, M.E. van den Ancker, P. Deroo, C. Waelkens, O. Chesneau, E. Tatulli, M. Benisty, E. Puga, L.B.F.M. Waters, A. Verhoeff, A. de Koter 2008, A&A 485, 209
  87. Gas and dust in the inner disk of the Herbig Ae star MWC 758
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