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Backup targets for AMBER GTO visitors
mercredi 9 juillet 2008

This page is for the holders of AMBER GTO who have a visitor runs on their targets. The page is aimed at giving advices to them, especially on backup sources.

  1. Visitor mode : you do not need to have fully prepare your observing blocks before arriving at Paranal even if it is highly advised. Normally, visitors arrive 48h before their observing run and can be advised by the astronomer in duty.
  2. Backup sources : if you think that the observations will be difficult, then you can ask for backup sources. The best way is to contact the Project scientist (F. Malbet) who will transmit the requests to the Science Group representatives. The rule is that a backup target is charged to the owner of the GTO target only if the the observation is successful.
  3. Bad weather : you can ask to cancel your observing run and ask to the Science Operations at Paranal not be charged.

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