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Astronomical community

AMBER Documents

Monday 24 November 2008
Official ESO documents
by Fabien Malbet

Saturday 11 October 2008
AMBER Task Force
by Fabien Malbet

Tuesday 29 July 2008
AMBER GTO status
by Fabien Malbet , Thomas Driebe

Tuesday 24 October 2006
PAC Documents

Friday 16 September 2005
AMBER internal memos
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 18 July 2005
AMBER Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO) Programme
by Fabien Malbet

Thursday 18 December 2003
PAE Documents
by Pierre Kern

Saturday 5 July 2003
LAOG site for internal documentation
by Fabien Malbet

Commissioning documents

Wednesday 2 April 2008
AMBER Commissioning Documents
by Fabien Malbet

Thursday 9 February 2006
Daily commissioning reports (COM3)
by Fabien Malbet , Romain Petrov

Sunday 17 October 2004
Daily commissioning reports (COM2)
by Fabien Malbet

AMBER pre-study

Monday 2 February 2004
Étude préliminaire de l’instrument proche-infrarouge/rouge du VLTI et de GI2T (AMB-REP-001)
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 2 February 2004
AMBER - The imaging and spectroscopic VLTI focal instrument (AMB-REP-002)
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 2 February 2004
AMBER - Report to the Steering Committee of the VLTI enhancement tri-partite agreement (AMB-REP-003)
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 2 February 2004
AMBER - ESO/VLTI Conceptual Design Review (AMB-REP-004)
by Fabien Malbet

Observing with AMBER

jeudi 26 mai 2011
AMBER instrument forum @ESO
by Florentin Millour

mercredi 9 juillet 2008
Backup targets for AMBER GTO visitors

jeudi 24 avril 2008
Finding a calibration star for an AMBER observation
by Florentin Millour

Tuesday 12 September 2006
AMBER is now offered with 3 Auxiliary Telescopes (P79)
by Fabien Malbet

Tuesday 26 April 2005
The AMBER ESO webpage

Tuesday 1 March 2005
AMBER is now available for observing in the P76 ESO call for proposal
by Fabien Malbet

AMBER proposals selected by the OPC

lundi 14 février 2011
AMBER proposals selected for P87 (Apr’11-Oct’11)

dimanche 27 juin 2010
AMBER proposals selected for P86 (Oct’10-Mar’11)

Wednesday 30 December 2009
AMBER proposals selected for P85 (Apr’10-Oct’10)

Thursday 2 July 2009
AMBER proposals selected for P84 (Oct’09-Mar’10)

Friday 2 January 2009
AMBER proposals selected for P83 (Apr’09-Sep’09)

Wednesday 9 July 2008
AMBER proposals selected for P82 (Oct’08-Mar’09)

Wednesday 9 January 2008
AMBER proposals selected for P81 (Apr’08-Sep’08)

Monday 9 July 2007
AMBER proposals selected for P80 (Oct’07-Mar’08)

Tuesday 9 January 2007
AMBER proposals selected for P79 (Apr’07-Sep’07)

Friday 30 June 2006
AMBER proposals selected for P78 (Oct’06-Mar’07)

Data Processing

lundi 13 octobre 2008
Spectral Shifts Solved by ATF Run
by Gilles Duvert

vendredi 23 mai 2008
AMBER bad pixel maps (BPMs) and flat field maps (FFMs)
by Fabien Malbet

Wednesday 19 December 2007
AMBER Data Reduction Software

Thursday 15 February 2007
AMBER image interferences report

AMBER Data Reduction Workshop (AMB-DRWS04)

Friday 3 December 2004
Amber Data Reduction Tutorial
by Oscar Hernandez

Wednesday 10 November 2004
Data Reduction Overview Presentation
by Gilles Duvert

Wednesday 10 November 2004
Data Reduction Algorithm Presentation
by Eric Tatulli

Wednesday 10 November 2004
P2PP Presentation
by Laurence Gluck

Wednesday 10 November 2004
ASPRO Presentation
by Gaspard Duchene

Tuesday 9 November 2004
AMMYORICK Presentations
by Florentin Millour

Friday 5 November 2004
AMB-DRWS04 Data Reduction Workshop Final Announcement
by Fabien Malbet

Thursday 4 November 2004
AMB-DRWS04 working groups
by Fabien Malbet

Thursday 28 October 2004
AMB-DRWS04 final program
by Fabien Malbet

Tuesday 12 October 2004
AMB-DRWS04 Workshop details (8/10/2004)
by Fabien Malbet

AMBER Science and Data Reduction JMMC Workshop, Grenoble, 21-22 Mar 2011 (AMBER-WS2011)

lundi 10 janvier 2011
AMBER Science and Data Reduction JMMC Workshop (Grenoble, 21-22 Mar 2011)

LAOG Mini-workshop on AMBER Data Reduction

Thursday 17 November 2005
VLTI Status
by Markus Schoeller

Thursday 17 November 2005
AMBER status
by Fabien Malbet , Romain Petrov

Thursday 17 November 2005
Data Processing status
by Gilles Duvert

Thursday 17 November 2005
HD 104237
by Eric Tatulli

Thursday 17 November 2005
AMBER current performances
by Florentin Millour

Thursday 17 November 2005
MWC 297
by Fabien Malbet

Thursday 17 November 2005
Gamma2 Velorum
by Florentin Millour

Thursday 17 November 2005
Eta Carinae
by Romain Petrov

Thursday 17 November 2005
CP -57° 2874
by Armando Domiciano


Saturday 21 June 2014
List of AMBER publications

Conference proceedings

vendredi 11 juillet 2008
AMBER at the "Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation" SPIE symposium
by Florentin Millour

Thursday 10 May 2007
AMBER on the VLTI: data processing and calibration issues
by Florentin Millour

Wednesday 7 September 2005
Hot Stars with AMBER/VLTI
by Florentin Millour , Romain Petrov

Monday 11 July 2005
Wind and disk interaction in MWC 297
by Fabien Malbet


dimanche 10 février 2008
AMBEROK official document

Monday 27 August 2007
Presentation and video clips of the AMBER workshop 2007 (previously "Program")
by Fabien Malbet

Monday 27 August 2007
AMBER Scientific Workshop (Grenoble, 7-8 Mar 2007)
by Fabien Malbet

Wednesday 14 February 2007
List of Hotels in Grenoble

Monday 24 May 2004
Opening for a post-doctoral position on VLTI/AMBER observations
by Fabien Malbet

lundi 24 mai 2004
Contrat post-doctoral ouvert sur des observations VLTI/AMBER
by Fabien Malbet

Thursday 15 April 2004
Postdoctoral and Ph.D. positions in Infrared Interferometry at MPIFR (Bonn)
by Gerd Weigelt

News items
Saturday 12 February
AMBER data reduction workshop in 2011
The JMMC is organizing the 3rd AMBER Science and Data Reduction JMMC Workshop in Grenoble, on 21-22 Mar 2011. This is the opportunity to present the new amdlib v3 version of the AMBER data reduction software to gather the astronomers who have obtained AMBER data. This will be the occasion to (...)
Wednesday 26 January
AMBER switches to 3D
AMBER has made its first velocity-resolved image this year. The image is of a hot supergiant star, which is revealed to host a disk similar to the disks around younger stars. This resut is reported in an A&A paper and in several press releases in French, German and English (here, and here) (...)
Wednesday 21 July
Release of AMBER data reduction package version 3.0
On behalf of the JMMC AMBER data reduction working group, we are pleased to announce the release of the version 3.0 of the AMBER data processing package. You can find it on the JMMC website together with an installation guide, a user’s manual and demo data/script. This release contains (...)
Saturday 20 September
Forum for support on AMBER data reduction
Until today, there were 2 email lists dealing with AMBER Data Reduction:>: Expert forum on AMBER Data Reduction>: Forum on AMBER data reduction Since there are not much traffic and not much expert discussion on these lists, we (...)
Wednesday 3 September
AMBER User manual for P83 available
First version of the AMBER User Manual for P83 available. Go to the documentation page in order to download it. News from ESO AMBER website.

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