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AMBER scrutinizes the inner region of the young star MWC 147
Wednesday 2 July 2008

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The disc around MWC 147 (Artist’s Impression)
Artist’s impression of the disc of matter surrounding MWC 147 as inferred from observations made with ESO’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer.

Using ESO’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer, Stefan Kraus and collaborators have probed the inner parts of the disc of material surrounding a young stellar object, witnessing how it gains its mass before becoming an adult.

The observations show that the temperature changes with radius are much steeper than predicted by the currently favored models, indicating that most of the near-infrared emission emerges from hot material located very close to the star, that is, within one or two times the Earth-Sun distance (1-2 AU). This also implies that dust cannot exist so close to the star, since the strong energy radiated by the star heats and ultimately destroys the dust grains.

More information available:
- in the ESO 03/08 Science Release The Growing-up of a Star.
- in the paper Detection of an inner gaseous component in a Herbig Be star accretion disk: Near- and mid-infrared spectro-interferometry and radiative transfer modeling of MWC 147 by S. Kraus, Th. Preibisch, and K. Ohnaka, 2008, in the Astrophysical Journal issue of March 2008, volume 676, page 490.

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