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AMBER at the "Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation" SPIE symposium
vendredi 11 juillet 2008, par Florentin Millour

Several proceedings from AMBER were presented at the "Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation" symposium, that was held in Marseille from 23 to 27 june 2008.

  1. VLTI-AMBER observations of Eta Carinae with FINITO fringe tracker and spectral resolution 12000 (Invited Paper)
    Gerd P. Weigelt (Paper 7013-2)
  2. The use of the VLTI for studying the asymmetric mass-loss of evolved stars
    Olivier Chesneau (Paper 7013-8)
  3. Wolf-Rayet stars probed by AMBER/VLTI
    Millour, Florentin ; Chesneau, Olivier ; Driebe, Thomas ; Petrov, Romain ; Bonneau, Daniel ; Dessart, Luc ; Hofmann, Karl-Heinz ; Weigelt, Gerd (Paper 7013-28, available on astro-ph/0807.0293)
  4. AMBER closure and differential phases : accuracy and calibration with a Beam Commutation
    Millour, Florentin ; Petrov, Romain ; Vannier, Martin ; Kraus, Stefan (Paper 7013-51, available on astro-ph/0806.4833)
  5. First simultaneous observations with the two VLTI instruments : AMBER and MIDI
    Alexis Matter (Paper 7013-148)
  6. AMDC : pushing AMBER towards its magnitude limit
    Gianluca Li Causi, Simone Antoniucci, Eric Tatulli (Paper 7013-155)
  7. "Advanced" data reduction for the AMBER instrument
    Millour, Florentin ; Valat, Bruno ; Petrov, Romain ; Vannier, Martin (Paper 7013-156, available on astro-ph/0807.0291)
  8. Pipeline processing and quality control of VLTI/AMBER data
    Christian A. Hummel, Markus Wittkowski, (Paper 7013-160)

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